Music Submissions

For artists & musicians looking to submit music to the Ambient Soundbath Podcast, we’ve tried to keep things pretty simple; here’s the scoop on what to do next:

1.) Make sure that your music fits what we’re doing here at the Ambient Soundbath.

2.) Using our contact form, send us links to your music (Mp3s), an email address and any other info that you want to include. While we prefer audio online, we’re not opposed to hardcopy releases, CDs, Vinyl, etc… but you’ll still need to contact us for a physical mailing address.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Under US copyright law podcasts must pay licensing fees when podcasting music to listeners. The Ambient Soundbath is a non-commercial, zero-revenue endeavor, which means we’re not able to pay licensing fees to artists whose music we use. You will get a lot of exposure from our loyal listeners, and you’ll show up on our posting announcements with a link to your home on the web, and of course we’ll let people know about how excellent your work is, but that’s about the only payment you’ll receive.

We also need written permission from you and anybody else (band, collaborators, performers) who have a right to the music and/or music recordings, for us to include it in the podcast. This is important, and we can’t use your music unless you are certain you are authorized to grant permission on behalf of all other parties. If we decide to use your music, we’ll formalize this prior to the show via email.