Ambient Soundbath Podcast #53 – Origins 1


Keeping it short and sweet for this episode with a handful of tracks that, for me, are part of the origin story of the Ambient Soundbath. Artist such as Harold Budd, Jason Sloan, Diatonis and Kit Watkins have inspired me at every turn. These are only single selections, but if you were to explore these artists further you’d find a wealth of fine music. Enjoy.


00:00 – 18:00 – “Bismillahi ‘Rrahman ‘Rrahim” – Harold Budd – The Pavilion of Dreams
18:01 – 26:30 – A Prayer for Moments Away – Jason Sloan – The Space Between Beginnings
26:31 – 38:00 – Magician’s Cross – Diatonis – Landscape of a Dream
38:01 – 68:00 – Music for the End, Part 1 of 2 – Kit Watkins – Music for the End


One thought on “Ambient Soundbath Podcast #53 – Origins 1

  1. Really enjoyed this show. Been awhile since I’ve had time to just listen. Thank you for continuing to keep this music in front of us. Peace.


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