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I haven’t posted a Soundbath in a while. I’ve been active, musically, but felt like the Soundbath was no longer relevant to folks. However, with the release of #86, amazingly, there were 1,000 downloads in a single day, I guess it is still relevant.

And also, I’ve received some really nice feedback about the new episode. Please be in touch, please let me know what you’re enjoying, comment on the episodes, send me a note, because otherwise, I’m working in a vacuum, unaware if this has any relevance to anyone. That little push from a brief comment, often, is the difference between working on a new episode or not.

Thank you to everybody who listens and supports the Soundbath.


Ambient Soundbath-ish on Spotify

I apologize for the delay in not having posted a new Soundbath in a while.

In the meantime… I’ve been curating a playlist of Ambient Soundbath-like tracks, and some actual Soundbath tracks, on Spotify, in a playlist, I’ve been calling Restful Drones. Really it’s just been for me to have a go-to source for long-form, drone and ambient tracks for meditation and sleep in a format native to mobile devices, but I thought Soundbath listeners might enjoy it, too.

Here’s a direct link, but also, I’ve embedded the playlist, too.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Ambient Music

“Physiological responses from person to person will vary, as will their tastes… But for a significant number of people suffering severe anxiety and trauma, the droning, minimal, wordless soundscapes of ambient are more effective than any medication.”

I’m sure that many of us know about or have experienced the health and well-being benefits of listening to music; that was the #1 reason I created the Ambient Soundbath, but this articleThe Therapeutic Benefits of Ambient Music: Science Shows How It Eases Chronic Anxiety, Physical Pain, and ICU-Related Trauma gets into the science and experience, a bit and I thought that it might be of interest to Ambient Soundbath listeners.