Ambient Soundbath Podcast User Survey and Updates

10/8/16 UPDATE – Thanks to your feedback Soundbath #49 (10/14/2016) will be the first where show announcements have been removed… I find them as disruptive as you do, but on the other hand, it’s a signature, of sorts, on my creative work… So, what I’m asking, in exchange, is that you share this podcast with as many folks as you can to spread the soundbath experience.

Please continue to give me your feedback via the survey.

Thank you for your feedback and for listening.



6/29/2016 update Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I’m going to keep this survey open to further collect ways that the Ambient Soundbath can be improved for you.


Hello, thanks for listening to the Ambient Soundbath Podcast… we’ve set up a very brief survey to learn how you listen to the podcast. Click here for the survey.

Admin Note – Update

It appears as though we’ve successfully moved our files. If you have any problems, please contact us via the contact form and let us know. Thanks!

New episodes are coming, but you may experience some interruptions over the next couple days as we work to straighten out some file linking issues. Thanks.

Ambient Soundbath Podcast #43

Ambient Soundbath Podcast #43 – Transmission Date: 11/25/2015

Entire Podcast is: Matt Borghi – Ambient Soundbath #43 – More information at:

Program Note: As we round out our third year, this episode of the podcast is done with great thanks for all of the listeners who’ve joined us in the last three years. With this episode we celebrate consistently maintaining 400+ subscribers and over 50,000 unique downloads. Please continue to enjoy and share the Ambient Soundbath.